Avoiding the Avalanche


I hardly need to mention the avalanche of recent allegations (and admissions) of workplace sexual harassment, sexual discrimination and worse. Employers are facing more and more employment discrimination claims. The EEOC has ramped up its focus on systemic discrimination in the workplace. A prompt, thorough, independent and impartial internal investigation of an employee complaint must be an essential part of your client’s response. By planning ahead, you can help your client avoid costly and disruptive controversies by providing an informed and reasoned approach to early settlement. It can also lay the groundwork for your defense of your client in the event that a lawsuit is filed. 

I have had decades of experience in employment and labor law. I started as a field attorney with the National Labor Relations Board in Tampa, was an associate with Jackson, Lewis and spent more than 25 years in a wide-ranging private practice representing management, unions and individuals.  That experience included trials in federal and state court. I have been a full-time neutral since 1998.  I have mediated 100’s of employment law related claims and have been retained to conduct internal workplace investigations by both private and public-sector employers. I can also serve in the role of ombudsman.

I can provide you and your client with valuable assistance, both practical and legal, for planning, conducting and documenting internal investigations of employee claims and suspected employee misconduct.
Please do not hesitate to call or email me with questions.