About Roger C. Benson... Roger began his career as a field attorney with the National Labor Relations Board, investigating and prosecuting unfair labor practice complaints. This was followed by 25 years of private practice trial work concentrated in the area of employment law. He became a Florida Supreme Court-certified mediator (circuit civil, county and family) in 1989. Since then, he has mediated more than 3,000 cases of every kind and complexity. His 30+ years of mediation experience includes labor and employment mediation, securities industry claims, divorce mediation, intellectual property disputes, commercial claims, franchise disputes, real estate law (including financing, land use and foreclosure), insurance coverage, and bad faith claims. He has firmly established a reputation as a strong, creative and tireless professional committed to a philosophy of impartiality combined with a rigorous, activist approach to problem solving.




If you are looking for a mediator, I think it is important that you have a clear idea of what you can expect from me before we work together. There is no shortage of court-certified mediators in Florida but like every other profession, there are important differences based on experience, training and philosophy. This site contains information that I hope will answer your questions and give you an accurate idea of how I approach my role as your mediator.

Mediation is a process of principled negotiations. “Principled negotiation … is to decide issues on their merits rather than through a haggling process focused on what each side says it will and will not do. It suggests you look for mutual gains wherever possible, and that where your interests conflict, you should insist that the result be based on some fair standards independent of the will of either side. The method of principled negotiations is hard on the merits and soft on the people. It employs no tricks and no posturing. Principled negotiation shows you how to obtain what you are entitled to and still be decent. It enables you to be fair while protecting you against those who would take advantage of your fairness.” Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher and Bill Urey.




Mediation Services

Mediation is a process of principled negotiations to decide issues on their merits rather than through a haggling process focused on what each side says it will and will not do.

Arbitration Services

At the heart of arbitration is the expectation that the arbitrator you select will have the utmost integrity, be impartial, follow accepted rules and conduct the arbitration skillfully and fairly. 

Neutral Investigator

Workplace discrimination claims can quickly grow into expensive, disruptive lawsuits if not handled fast and skillfully. A critical first step in the process is investigating all claims.